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Worldwide Evangelism

At Calvary, missions is not just another program. We view our missionaries as co-laborers in the ministry.

They are an extension of our church ministry and of own personal desire to see people find their HOPE in Jesus Christ.

We are thrilled that God has allowed us to be a part of so many outreaches around the world.

Our Missionaries

Mario & Myriam Acevedo

Tiko & Lena Agamalian

Billy & Sophie Allardice

Ron & Barbara Allen

Nathan & Taralynn Beil

Stephen & Angela Benefield

Rick & Genny Benson

Marc & Nancy Blackwell

Kieth & Linda Bloyd

Ed & Norma Bordell

Norman & Mary Brewer

Shawn & Penny Clapp

Tim & Alice Dysert

Phil & Rachel Frasier

Jason & Valencia Goh

Bill Hansen

Joshua & Barbara Hedges

James & Anna Huckabee Tom & Anna Johnson

Rob & Sandy Krause

Shane & Erin Latham

Tom Latham

James & Coletta Morsey

Archie & Ruth Perez

Tim & Cynthia Peterson

Charles & Gladie San Juan

Josep & Sara Segurado

Keith & Donna South Matthew & Keila Stensaas

Don & Laura Stertz

Jason & Cassy Tate

Dwight & Gayle Tomlinson

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